Allomancy is one of the two magic systems in the New Empire (the other being Feruchemy). Allomancy is passed down to children and originates from Human bloodlines, requiring Allomancers to be Human or Terran. Allomancers have the ability to “burn” Allomantic Metals, in order to fuel a variety of physical and mental enhancements and abilities. For an additional burst of power, they may “flare”, or burn their metal especially quickly, consuming it at an accelerated rate, but gaining amplified benefits in return. Flaring a metal for extended periods will change an Allomancer into a Savant. A person who can only burn one metal is known as a Misting. If a person is born with the ability to burn more than one metal, they can burn all Allomantic metals, and are known as Mistborn.

History and Common Knowledge


Holy King Alendi is known as the progenitor of Allomancy. When Alendi reached the power of the Well of Ascension in the First Year of Allomancy, he created Allomancy and made himself and several of his closest friends and allies into the original seven Mistborn. The subsequent generations of these people were also Mistborn, and Allomancy slowly spread.

However, in time, Allomancers became less potent. Efforts were made to keep Allomantic familial lines pure, and a class system with a powered elite emerged. In time, Mistings began to appear outside of the Mistborn Houses, assumed to be half-breeds out of wedlock. The Houses regularly policed the general population and attempted to recruit or exterminate any Mistings, and were successful for hundreds of years. In time, the Houses were defeated by a group of Mistings led by the rogue Mistborn Vin, and were forced to cease their activities. Mistings were free to live as they were, but while more were born outside the families and formed their own Clans, preservation of Allomancy and the thirst for power kept this new middle class separate from the full-blooded Houses.

Modern Day (997 Y.A.)

Emporer Rashek reigns over the 6 noble Houses holding the remaining pure Mistborn families, lines which have mixed exclusively together despite internal wars and bitter rivalry. However, cities are generally inhabited entirely by Mistings, with the non-magical “Dayborn” living in simple villages centered upon agricultural fields and industry on the outskirts.


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