Character Creation Guide

Welcome to character creation! This guide will be step by step along with the Character Page, so I recommend you have both open together. You may also want to read about Allomancy and Allomantic Metals first if you want to keep your magic in mind while creating your character.

Character Details

Please fill out character details to your preference, keeping one item in mind. The Race field is set to Human at the start, but your character may reveal that they belong to another race at a later time. You must tell the GM privately if you would prefer to be a Terris, Terran, or Other before the game. If you choose Other, you may not reverse your decision after hearing the details. Please do not disclose your true race with other players whether human or otherwise.

Stats (F/R/I/S/E/D)

Stats cost 3 AP each, out of your alloted 10 AP to start. You may subtract 1 point from each Stat maximum. These share a pool exclusively with Skills. The most obvious effect of Stats is seen in the Skill Category Bonuses on the bottom right. They also affect the yellow stat box below.


Skills cost 1 point per level, but max out at level 5. Bonuses may extend beyond the maximum. They must be specific actions, such as “Tend Wounds” or “Craft”. You start with 1 skill, and may receive 1 extra depending upon your Upbringing.


Events in your life up to this point which have shaped you into who you are. You may decide what bonuses are received, but they are subject to GM review and approval.

  1. Birth
    • 2 free points into a Stat
  2. Childhood
    • 2 free points into a Skill Category Bonus
  3. Education
    • Passive perk
  4. Apprenticeship
    • +5 bonus to your skill, if it is applicable. If not, gain 1 additional skill
  5. Journey Begins

Character Creation Guide

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